Ranch Riding CLINIC with Jesse Chase, Sun. 3/19 - See below.
Next NCAHA Board Meeting, Monday, 3/20, 7 PM
Nantucket, Chapel Hill. Come early to eat!

NCAHA is active in the Southen States feed tag proof-of-purchase program.  This is cash money for our club.  Please send or give original bulk feed receipts or tags from each feed bag to
Mary Ann LaFerriere,
2423 Millikan Road
Chapel Hill, NC  27516

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2014 update to Drug Rule GR414
2014 update to "Amateur Owner" requirements
Qualification Points             
Definitions of Maiden, Novice, Limit, Select and AOTS Classes at AHA Shows (2011 rules)
Hot weather precautions for your horse
USEF Arabian Division Class Specifications (2011)
USEF Warning about GABA use and the product "Carolina Gold"         
USEF prohibits Phenibut use         
Pros and Cons of commonly used horse medications

VAHA District 5 is very pleased to announce a Dressage Clinic with the 2013 Sport Horse Nationals & Region 15 Judge Kathy Rowse.  The clinic will be held at Greg Peak Performance Horses in Ashland on Sunday January 27, 2013 starting at 9:30am.

This clinic will benefit any rider in any discipline.  Kathy is very open to all breeds & disciplines, including Western Dressage.   Ride slots are very limted but everyone is welcome to Audit!  Clinic forms can be found here..

VAHA members are needed to volunteer in a VAHA booth the day of the clinic!  Volunteers will get in free. Send email to mailto:gregpeakperformance@hotmail.com for further questions.

Our Annual NCAHA/ODAHA dual regional (regions 12 & 15) show will be held April 6-8, 2013, at the Hunt Complex in Raleigh.   Plans are already underway.    Additional information coming soon!

Myra has put together some helpful information on qualificaiton points for regionals and nationals.  You will find it under "Did You Know" in the right-hand  sidebar..

For those of you showing this year, please read the USEF bulletin on the use of GABA (gama aminobutyric acid) which is classified as a forbidden substance by the federation (see the "Did you know"column on the right. GABA is most often used as a "calming supplement" and is the active ingredient in such products as "Carolina Gold".
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Pictures and Award Winners from our 2016 end of year banquet

2017 Show Season almost here
Show season is soon upon us again!! See below for information on our April joint NCAHA/ODAHA Class A show. For those of you interested in being members of the  club, the membership form is available here or from the "Forms" page.

NCAHA/ODAHA Class A Show (April 7 - 9)
Planning for our joint Class A show is in full swing. The show is being organized by both NCAHA and ODAHA as a qualifier for both Region 12 and 15 Championships. The show will have Performance, Sport Horse, and Dressage. This year we have even added a Ranch Horse Riding class.  It will be held at the Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh.

Closing date for entries is March 17.

The show class sheets, reservation forms, and information package is avaialble here or can also be accessed in the right Event sidebar. (
Attention: Updates made to the Working Hunter Divison classes)

Ranch Riding: This year is the first year that Ranch Riding is being offered at AHA sanctioned shows (there are 4 classes at our upcoming April show, see above). A clinic was held at Grayland Farms last week (thanks to the Grays and Jesse Chase). Hope everyone enjoyed it but for those of you who could not attend here is a handout on Ranch Riding Basics put together by the AHA.

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NCAHA/ODAHA Class A Show (Forms)
April 7 - 9
Hunt Horse Complex
Raleigh, North Carolina

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